The New Way To Find Your (Medical) Aesthetic Practitioner | Fvce

Our Core Values

A Clear Path

The route to finding your practitioner can be painfully obscure. Where do you begin?, Who do you trust? Such questions cloud the minds of many of us and ultimately hinder us from making an informed decision. Not anymore.

A Commitment to Safety

Cosmetic injectables are medical procedures and require a breath of knowledge and understanding. Regulation in the UK is lacking where currently any member of the public can legally administer treatment without a medical background. We felt it was our duty to raise standards in the UK, hence, we only onboard qualified and vetted doctors, dentists and nurse practitioners. We ensure they have the correct training in delivering quality services & are fully equipped in handling any potential complications.


Convenience with safety is a recipe for satisfaction.


From Transparency Stems Empowerment

In order to feel empowered, consumers need to have all the information. This includes practitioner reviews, portfolio, credentials, experience and cost of treatment. Our research shows that consumers differ on what each spoke of information means to them. So we catered for all.

Currently, a disparity exists between the name of a clinic and the practitioner who works there. The two are not always synonymous with each other. We are here to level the playing field. Find out more about the hand that holds the injection, not the walls that house them.

Digital Convenience

Using our tech, take back control of your time. Through our platform, you can search, compare and book your practitioner at any time. Break free from the shackles of normal clinic opening hours.

Book discretely through the platform and even choose between getting your treatment at home or at a clinic.

Communication is key. Which is why once you have booked your appointment, begin an open line of communication with your practitioner through E-Consultations.

Your journey to rejuvenation is just a selfie away!